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Knowledge Of Overall Living

Here at the KOOL Kids Society everyone is a KOOL Kid. Thanks to the gift of time and mentorship from The Class of ‘99. A group of Local Nashville Alumni, who back in 2010 decided to found the KOOL Kids Society and put forth their effort to help children in their local communities. Children at risk. Children sometimes just one decision away from that “wrong choice” in life.

Learning, teaching, guiding, caring and sharing. We help instill core values at an early age. Integrity, Honesty, and Trust. All parts of being a KOOL Kid

We’re focused on real life problems and their solutions. How to fix your own car. And, for that matter how to become an entrepreneur in order to earn the money to buy that car and everything that comes with it. How to focus time, energy, and effort for a payoff down the road. How to change direction in life and steer toward your goals of getting an education. Becoming a life long learner and understanding that you can change the world by changing yourself, your attitude, and your local community is a great place to start. Because it has to start somewhere. That's what being a KOOL Kid is all about.

We see the limitations of our communities. And we’re eager to change them at the core. We’re grateful for all that we can do. And, most of all we’re grateful for you, or patrons. Because without you, none of this is possible.



Our LIFE SKILLS programs help local at-risk youth by taking everyday circumstances and putting them in perspective. We help with critical thinking and finding solutions to some real life problems. Like how to fix a car or how to earn money. How to stop being bullied and how not to be one. It's about the time we spend. The sharing. The caring. The concern. Things that every KOOL Kid needs.


This years scholarship will be dedicated to those we've lost.


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